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Passengera delivered digital entertainment for a new high-speed Austal catamaran in French Polynesia

In a showcase cooperation with the Australian shipbuilder Austal, we have made our footprint in the tranquil waters of French Polynesia.

 Launched in June 2023, the 66-meter high-speed catamaran called „Apetahi Express“ navigates the 277-kilometer-long stretch between the islands of Tahiti and Bora Bora. The voyage on this vessel offers more than just stunning ocean views.

Revolutionizing the onboard experience

The new vessel, manufactured by Austal and operated by the local carrier Degage Group, is also equipped with modern onboard digital services for its passengers. Utilizing our gateway technology based on the Intel platform, Passengera gives passengers access to a wide range of digital services. 


As the catamaran skims across the ocean at speeds of 35.8 knots (71 km/h), they can stay connected to the infotainment portal via the onboard Wi-Fi, browse movies, listen to music, play games, and stay informed with real-time voyage information. To ensure the maximum security of passengers, we integrated infotainment with the public announcement system (PA) delivering any ongoing announcement to passengers through this channel as well.


This high level of connectivity extends to all corners of the vessel, ensuring a seamless digital experience for all 574 passengers, plus an additional 80 spots on the open deck. And when the ship is near the shore within the range of a mobile signal, passengers can also enjoy smooth internet connectivity.


The Apetahi Express, worth over 20 million euros, is a testament to successful international cooperation. With its expertise in high-speed vessels, the Australia-based Austal manufactured the catamaran in Vietnam, making it their sixth vessel for the Degage Group.

Setting Sail in the South Pacific

As the new vessel launched at the beginning of June, it also marked a new era of digitally-enhanced ocean travel. It was an excellent reminder for the whole Passengera team that from trains and buses, we can offer the same level of quality even for various types of marine transport. Projects like Goldenpass Express in Switzerland and digitizing public transportation in Saudi Arabian Ryiadh taught us how to handle complex and challenging environments. 


„We specialize in digital services for passengers in public transport. Collaborating on the Austal Hull 425 has been an interesting challenge for our team,“ says Jan Kolar, CEO of Passengera. „After our experiences in the challenging mountain environment of Alpine railway lines and desert cities in the Middle East, we once again confirmed that our solution is sufficiently universal to cover even the most challenging modes of public transport.“

Our solution brings digital innovation to public transport, ensuring passengers enjoy top-notch digital experiences. Embarking on a journey with the Apetahi Express is about reaching a destination and embracing the digital age, even in the middle of the ocean. Passengera is just as thrilling as the destination. Welcome aboard!


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