Passengera Infotainment platform is hardware agnostic and can run on 3rd party hardware provided that it meets basic criteria. We have a list of certified hardware on which Passengera can run. If you want to run Passengera on your hardware or want to check compatibility with 3rd party hardware, please contact us.

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Infotainment platform

Passengera Infotainment offers more than entertainment content like movies, music, ebooks, games, etc. It is also a business & communication platform between operators and passengers which unlock new opportunities. You get new channels for sharing information with passengers and collecting their feedback.

Movies Collection
Music library
Real time
Points of
Station and city
Travel guide
Service on-board
Custom places
News feed
Route info
Easy to
use CMS
and reporting
Service on road

Promote additional services through the platform and generate additional revenue streams through advertisements. Its modularity allows you to start with selected features and easily add new ones in the future based on your needs. You never stop growing with us; our platform is open to integration and innovation. The platform is not dependent on screen device (BYOD) and can manage content on passenger devices as well as on fixed screens. Passengera Infotainment is compatible with any existing Wi-Fi installations.

Central management

Our central cloud-based management system allows you to easily operate fleet from your office. It is hosted in our data centre but can be run in yours if required. It is highly scalable and can manage 1,000+ vehicles. You can assign specific content to selected vehicles or groups. You can manage train and bus systems by a single platform. Synchronisation can be carried out by Passengera from anywhere over mobile data networks or depot Wi-Fi systems. Our platform has an open API that can integrate with third-party systems such as advertisement networks, CMS, Real Time Information systems, etc. Central management includes these 4 major modules listed below.

Content management

  • Manage content on screens and on user devices
  • Self-manageable CMS
  • GPS, time and preference triggered actions
  • Advertisement management
  • Multimedia playback reports
  • Central notifications management
  • Fleet scheduling system

System statistics

  • Transmitted data per vehicle/group of vehicles
  • Vehicle position history
  • Detailed connectivity statistics for every GPS location
  • Trasmitted data details in time
  • Active users over the time

Fleet management

  • Live vehicle position on map
  • Vehicle connectivity status
  • Consumed data per sim card
  • System component status

Usage analytics

  • Enhanced reports about Infotainment usage
  • Users demographic data
  • Users trends and behavior
  • Favourite content types
  • Reports