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Rapidly growing futuristic metro in Riyadh will provide Wi-Fi connectivity for millions of daily commuters

In the Saudi Arabian desert, the futuristic city of Riyadh is quickly expanding according to the ambitious concept rooted in Saudi Vision 2030.

The Riyadh metro system is one of the key infrastructure investments of the vision aiming to help the capital city of Saudi Arabia attract tourists and businesses from across the world. The metro launched testing operations in December 2021 and currently consists of six metro lines with 85 stations,183 train sets, and a total length of 176 kilometers.

The challenges that come with a size

Riyadh metro aims high. Due to its size, several world-class manufacturers like Siemens, Alstom, and Bombardier are taking part in the project. The new transportation system will be one of the most modern in the world despite the complexity of integrating hundreds of suppliers into a seemingly uniform system. All trains and stations will be equipped with high-end technology that will provide passengers with a smooth and personalized traveling experience at every spot of the entire system.


Main challenges we encountered:

  • Need to integrate various hardware and software solutions delivered by different companies into the project

  • Custom Wi-Fi design for every train manufacturer to meet their specific needs

  • Requirement to offer seamless authentication of users along their journey through the whole metro system, including the trains as well as the stations

  • Compatible with plans for future roll-out to all autobuses and bus stops

  • High temperatures and harsh desert conditions


A key assignment for Passengera was to integrate the whole ecosystem of components from a wide array of manufacturers into an interconnected system. Without a central role, it would be impossible to ensure a seamless passenger experience with undisturbed internet connectivity within the entire public transport system. Passengera ensures a seamless handover of passengers between devices of various manufacturers while maintaining relevant session data such as a selected data package, used data, and others.


Passengera has been selected to provide an end-to-end connectivity and monetization solution for the futuristic metro system – everything from the design to the implementation of the modular software platform that underlies the entire ecosystem. 


Excellent digital experience while commuting and revenue generation capabilities were one of the key requirements of the project. The Passengera solution is modular, and the Riyadh project employs 3 main pillars:


  • Internet and W-Fi connectivity

  • Management and monitoring suite (MMS)

  • Monetization platform


Our delivery included:

  • Design of the communications infrastructure

  • Deployment of connectivity elements in several different types of trains and metro stations

  • Seamless user authentication

  • Connectivity quality insight(wireless simulations, mobile connections  coverage tests, bandwidth management, …)

  • Deployment of Management and Monitoring Suite (MMS) integrating and supervising in real-time all of the 1,100 installed devices

  • Monetization platform to offer passengers tailored data packages and personalized ads

  • CyberSecurity analysis and design concept

  • Business continuity and disaster recovery study to ensure smooth, reliable and redundant infrastructure operation


The last item – monetization – helps the operator to generate additional ancillary revenue by selling advertisement space and offering customized products and services to passengers. In the Riyadh public transport concept, three primary groups of passengers are recognized – singles, families, and VIPs – that can choose whether to use free internet with ads or pay for an undisturbed experience by purchasing a premium data package.


Passengera platform is technically supported by hardware developed in collaboration with Intel and Advantech. It provides a secure and continuous connection to the Internet, an essential objective of every digital project.


Riyadh metro is a perfect showcase of the near future of mobility. It is digital, effective, and builds a positive relationship with passengers, making public transport a truly attractive option. Implementing the ambitious concept into practice has been Passengera’s highest priority over the last few years.


“Passengera LLC was established in Dubai three years ago to deliver state of the art services to our customers around the Middle East and Africa. Passengera is pleased to be awarded the prestigious and unique Riyadh Metro Project's contract as it aims to deliver high-quality passenger experience to our customers. Passengera is known for its proven technology and ability to integrate the hardware of multiple manufacturers into a single functioning system, which represents one of the specifics of the Riyadh project,” says Saeed Bashirian, Managing Director of Passengera's UAE branch.


The project is one of the most prestigious transportation solutions worldwide, uniquely combining the three largest train manufacturers, Bombardier, Alstom, and Siemens, all with different sets of requirements.


The connectivity for the metro system is just the beginning, Riyadh city buses and bus stations might be also connected to the system soon, as a deployed solution is ready for it. Solution is also ready to be integrated with on board screens for further monetisation capabilities. It’s clear that Riyadh public transport will be one of a kind.