Connectivity solutions, communication & business platform for transport operators.


Having strong in house know-how and cooperating with partners, Passengera provides variety of solutions and services for transportation starting with hardware customisations, continues with Wi-Fi design and going high up to connect ware and applications development. Our platform is versatile and can work on buses, trains, boats, planes and taxis.

High quality connectivity is key for delivering online services onboard. Passengera pay attention to this and provides solutions to meet high demands for Wi-Fi with dual band Wi-Fi and distributed antenna system.
Keep passengers informed and entertained during travel. With our business & communication Infotainment modular platform and AI travel assistant you can earn much more, that just from providing Wi-Fi.
We connect vehicles to the Internet over mobile data connections with possible channel aggregation and intelligent load balancing to effectively manage mobile data and associated costs.
Passengera can read information about vehicle schedule from onboard systems, cloud based systems or it provides its own module for schedule management to provide real time information on any kind of screen device (smartphones, fixed screens, DMS).
Our DRM platform is certified by many movies studios and offer users more features like offline playback. We can proceed and encode any content to meet your needs. Our CMS allows you to self-manage Infotainment content by yourself including 3rd party content.
Our system has integrated GPS which allows you to track vehicle position, its status and history with useful information about connectivity details at every GPS location. This will give you an overview of the actual quality of the service on board from your office.
Take online and digital services onboard to higher level by evaluating and analysis of data that solutions generate. You will learn more about your passengers, their trends and behaviour, and have more fluent run of your service with proactive analysis and predictive maintenance.
Utilise existing screens in vehicles and manage content on them with single management platform as for Infotainment. Loop actual position, real time information, travel tips, etc. with GPS, time and preference based triggered advertisement.
Get benefit of having vehicles connected with powerfull Passengera device. Simplify onboard infrastructure by connecting other peripherals like ticketing system, CCTV cameras, telematics systems, Eco driving solutions etc. to one of many interfaces on Passengera server.


We provide top-tier solutions for transport companies and manufacturers of all sizes.


Connected Vehicle

Modular and variable all-in-one solution build on Passengera server hardware that could provide variety of services based on your needs.



Our Infotainment platform can run on selected 3rd party hardware with all featured modules. System is customisable based on requirements.



Designed for low-budget applications with limited connectivity features, but still provides world class Infotainment features.


Selected satisfied customers and their stories.

Umbrella Coach & Buses

Key success was achieved due to modularity of hardware platform Passengera server+, its support for virtualization and external peripherals. Customer was delivered with highly reliable mobile computing system for reasonable price, as a service to cover all required key functionalities - Internet connectivity, Wi-Fi access and Infotainment platform.

Passenger's Infotainment with Wi-Fi

Since the implementation of the service, we see a clear trend in increasing customer satisfaction, we are able to efficiently use on-board Wi-Fi and the whole infotainment platform as a means of monetization and communication channel towards travellers. Thanks to the added value of the service and its flexibility, we were able to quickly get the initial investment back.

České dráhy

An integrated solution addresses all challenges and requirements of the client. Wi-Fi connection and BYOD based onboard infotainment solution is available to passengers and the railway operator has a new channel for communicating with passengers. In addition, Passengera supports onboard Passenger information system to show real-time route related information, advertisement and more. This works automatically thanks to integration with the train internal systems. This helps client to continuously increase their competitive position.

Complex Infotainment Solution

One of the key elements of the solution is integration with the hardware system of the train as well as information systems of CD and third parties (time tables, weather, points of interest along the route) which are updated automatically saving time and work of client’s staff.

Rhaetian Railway

Launched in December 2016, the Passengera solution on the Bernina Express has demonstrated value by providing passenger demographic data for developing targeted promotions; demonstrating that high-quality content yields increased viewership, leading to higher opt-in rates and deeper passenger engagement; and increasing customer satisfaction.

Bernina Express

Before deploying Passengera, we knew little about our passengers. With Passengera on board, we now know their interests and demographic data, which we can use to better target new promotions.

About us

Passengera is globally operating info entertainmet and connected vehicle specialist, developing infotainment system, AI-driven onboard travel assistant, passenger information systems, communication & business onboard platform for trains, buses, planes, cars, and boats, backed by the strong international team of industry enthusiastic experts and professionals.

Key people

Jan Kolář CEO
Roman Smola Founder, COB
Martin Jireček Board member, CFO
Vladimír Mařík Jr. Board member
Martin Zedek CTO


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