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Passengera to deliver its services to New Zealand's KiwiRail

Did you know that the TranzAlpine train journey in New Zealand, operated by KiwiRail, is often considered one of the world's most scenic rail trips?

This breathtaking experience is about to get a digital upgrade as Passengera has secured a contract worth 1.3 million New Zeland dollars to deliver its digital services to the trains of the Great Journeys of New Zealand routes.

The Great Journeys of New Zealand

KiwiRail, one of the largest employers in New Zealand, operates not only freight and passenger services but also three stunning sightseeing lines. These lines offer tourists the chance to enjoy the beauty of the North Island, the eastern coastline of the South Island, and the awe-inspiring views across the Southern Alps.


As part of this exciting modernization plan, passengers will enjoy a suite of digital services aboard the existing cars. Additionally, new features include a dining car with a kitchen or a panoramic viewing car with no glass in the windows, offering tourists unobstructed views for perfect snapshots of the incredible landscapes.


With Passengera's digital services, passengers can look forward not only to internet connectivity, information about the journey or entertainment content such as movies and music, but also to learning about the history, local attractions, and cuisine of the regions they are traversing through an interactive digital travel guide. They can learn, for instance, about the culture and language of the Maoris, the indigenous people of New Zealand. Including the Management & Monitoring Suite (MMS) and a content management system (CMS) allows KiwiRail to manage all onboard communication channels and their functions conveniently from one place.

Digital entertainment to match the travel experience

Starting in late 2023, our Passengera G7 gateways will be deployed to all the trains travelling on routes known as the Great Journeys New Zealand. The ultimate aim? To provide passengers with an outstanding digital experience while opening up new marketing and communication opportunities for the transport provider. Here is the list of services delivered within this project:

  • Internet connectivity

  • Infotainment (movies, music, games, audiobooks, digital travel guide)

  • Dedicated mobile application

  • Real-time data about the journey

  • Synchronisation with the Public Announcement systems

  • Integration to existing multimedia screens

  • Management & Monitoring Suite (MMS) 

  • Content Management System (CMS)


The whole solution is designed with cost-effectiveness in mind, requiring only one gateway per car to host all the above services. To open new options for pre and aftersale communication with passengers and strengthen relationships, KiwiRail will get its own mobile application where passengers can manage their past or future rides and use the digital services such as infotainment portal during the journey. Synchronisation with the PA system then allows the operator to notify all passengers onboard about important messages through all communication channels at once.


Ready to go in autumn 2023


„In the tourist train segment, we have long been successful in winning contracts on some of the most beautiful lines in the world. I dare say we are one of the few across the continents that can offer the high quality of digital services that the exclusive experience of these journeys demands. For example, our portfolio includes world-famous Swiss trains as well as exotic destinations in the Middle East, Africa and South America. And we are thrilled to now add New Zealand with an exciting new project for KiwiRail,“ says Jan Kolář, CEO of Passengera.


After a year of preparation in collaboration with a local partner – Bartons Sound Systems, the project for KiwiRail has started rolling out. And as we have signed a three-year contract with the option for further continuation, this is just the beginning. The first trains featuring Passengera's services are ready to set off in autumn 2023, and we can’t wait to see the feedback from passengers and the operator.

The new project with KiwiRail is another testament to Passengera's ongoing mission to bring high-quality digital services to all types of mass transit, enhancing the travel experience for passengers worldwide. As we journey together into the future, we are excited to see what lies ahead for the Great Journeys of New Zealand.