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Passengera’s ride through the year 2022

The year 2022 was the second toughest in our history. War in Ukraine halted steady recovery from the pandemic, and the tech world had to do everything possible to cope with the new conditions.

Thanks to the effort of the whole Passengera team and great support from our partners Intel and Advantech, we managed to push through the year without any major troubles. Passengera is growing, signing new contracts all around the world and continuing to improve its digital services for public transport. Let’s check out our highlights from last year.

Speeding up our growth

We keep pushing forward. In 2022, Passengera’s revenue growth amounted to 90% YoY. We successfully completed some contracts from our $10+ million order backlog we reported at the end of 2021, and while successfully converting a great portion of these orders to contracts, we managed to add new orders and stay on the same mark. Soon, we will announce some of these new projects, as they are a crystal clear sign that the digitization of public transport is rolling full steam ahead.

World is embracing digital services

Last year's most extensive project for us was the beginning of the installation of digital services for the metro project in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We are gradually rolling out Passengera’s solution there as this world's largest metro system comes to life. Soon, it will be used by nearly 8 million residents of the most modern capital in the Middle East. 

The launch of the revolutionary Goldenpass Express in the Swiss Alps was an exciting new project. Alstom's train cars with variable bogey width and height are one of the tech marvels. Our services allow passengers to enjoy an uninterrupted digital experience, our digital tourist guide, and breathtaking views. 

We have also been active in the European territory, expanding our services onboard Flixbus and equipping more trains for Czech Railways with internet connectivity and infotainment. And to mention other European projects, we delivered our solutions in Poland, Croatia and Hungary throughout the year.

Maybe not the largest in size, but the more we appreciate its uniqueness. Our gateways will soon be used to provide internet connectivity and an infotainment portal on our very first luxurious catamaran by Austal. This vessel sailing in French Polynesia will be a jewel among holiday cruise ships, so we couldn’t be more proud. And to mention one more exotic location, we also deployed Passengera G5 gateway to a fleet of long-distance coaches for the operator Afrique Con in Cameroon.

Tech innovations and Intel partnership

Our primary focus in the R&D department was improving our internet connectivity solution for public transport together with integrated infotainment platforms for passengers and a dynamic passenger information system for screens. One of the biggest highlights in this area is the multi-channel video streaming solution for displays allowing operators to integrate all video channels into automated playlists for multimedia screens onboard their vehicles. Mixing content from PIS, infotainment, CMS or monetization platforms is now easier than ever and is becoming very popular, not only for metro operators.

We've also worked hard on several other innovations, including the first 5G and WiFi 6 deployments, improving advanced features such as geofencing or security enhancements. 

The pressure for digital services in public transport is increasing steadily. Internet connectivity on trains has been considered standard last few years. Our most active clients in the European environment report consumption of up to 3.5 TB downloaded and 0.5 TB uploaded data per train a month. 

To keep up with this progress, we extended the capabilities of our Monitoring & Management Suite allowing carriers to manage digital services onboard in real time and optimize data consumption. We also upgraded our captive portal to enable personalized communication with users who connect to the internet on board trains or buses.

Ambitious plans for 2023

The future of mobility is digital, and public transport innovation is still speeding up. In 2023 we will release a new, more powerful gateway to offer more services, open new capabilities and more extensive digital experience to hundreds of passengers onboard anywhere in the world. 

We also have several very interesting projects lined up, which we will be reporting on over the course of the year. At the same time, we intend to keep providing 100% support to our current customers, many of whom have been with us for many years now. To keep up with the workload, we're looking for new colleagues to join our stable and innovative team and help us deliver these projects all over the world. If you're interested, check out what we are looking for or send us a message

As a part of our strategic initiative, we keep working on solutions for autonomous vehicles, where communication systems play a critical role. Plans for autonomous transport systems are beginning to appear in many of the countries where we operate, whether in European capitals, the Middle East, Asia or the Americas.

In short, we have our work cut out for us. But we're looking at this challenge the same way we do every year – with determination. And every year, we manage to achieve our goals and the goals of our clients. Let's make it a good one!