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Introducing Passengera Server+ Lite

Passengera is pleased to announce the release of Server+ Lite, our latest all-in-one solution to enhance the quality of onboard connectivity and Wi-Fi. Passengera Server+ Lite is a new hardware platform certified for the transportation industry and designed to meet all the needs of transport operators in one single hardware unit. It is a compact version of Passengera Server+, and offers cost-effective all in one solution for any bus operators. It’s been developed to run all software features from Passengera Platform including Connectivity, Infotainment, and optionally Passenger Information System.

Server+ Lite onboard represents an added value for both operators and passengers. It helps create new communication channels with your passengers, results in better security and increased control of your fleet management, and includes entertainment solutions customized to Passengera Infotainment Platform. Server+ Lite ensures seamless connectivity over modem and sim card, provides the best signal coverage, high-performance Wi-Fi and additionally, it simplifies onboard infrastructure by connecting peripherals like the ticketing system, CCTV cameras, telematics systems, screens and Eco-Driving solutions to one of many interfaces on the Passengera Server+ Lite


Passengera offers a cloud-based central management system with a user-friendly interface designed to support the operators and help generate new business opportunities. It is highly scalable and can manage 1,000+ vehicles. Passengera Server+ Lite and CMS allows operators to benefit from powerful features:


Fleet management: to offer an overview of the actual quality of the onboard service from the office and ensure a full and essential security control

Connectivity statistics: to monitor and effectively manage mobile data and associated costs

Vehicle position history: to analyze and archive any vehicles position for a specific date and time 

- Real-time usage reports: to monitor data usage on the route and ensure prompt support, monitor active users, signal strength, and opportunity to download and store the data

- Wallboard for proactive monitoring 

Advertising campaigns management: gathering and producing real-time reports on views and clicks, launching contextual based advertising on GPS, time and train connection and synchronizing campaigns on screens and Wi-Fi.


The Passengera Server+ Lite provides several networking connectivity features to improve the way operators and passengers communicate while traveling:


- Internet Connectivity over LTE

- 3×3 MIMO Wi-Fi

- Integrated GPS for geo-based services

- Internet Access & Web Security Control tools

- User data & bandwidth management tools

- Central Cloud-based management 

- Automated remote updates


Additionally, Passengera developed variations of Server+ Lite to localize the markets’ requirements with variants available for South US, Africa, Europe and Asia.


Make it simple, make it better. With Passengera Server+ Lite bus operators have available a low cost and all in one solution to enhance Wi-Fi and connectivity onboard aiming to modernize the services and increase performance while meeting specific market requirements. 


If you want to request more details about Passengera Server+ Lite, feel free to contact us and we will explore together the best tailor-made solutions for your specific market. 


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