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How to increase your customers’ satisfaction by simplifying your life with Passengera Infotainment Platform onboard

Achieving perfection while providing your services may be a constant challenge. How do you ensure the best services to your passengers while granting a simple and complete management system to operators? At Passengera, we have developed innovative solutions designed to be flexible and easily manageable to avoid loss in terms of time, cost and quality.

Our content management system is the real engine behind the scene, where the operators can handle the modules and customize your services while meeting the customers’ expectations and your business needs.  


A taste for your passengers


Simple is better. An efficient and user-friendly customer management system is what makes our infotainment platform so incredible.


Does it sound appealing?


Well, that is not all. 


Having our infotainment platform onboard ensures the success of your passengers’ travel experience. Here is a taste of what you can offer with Passengera on board:


  1. Travel information: Real-time router information, travel guide automated tips, interactive maps, Audio Guide, notifications, point of interest with detail page, station services detail

  2. Entertainment: Movies, Documentaries, TV Shows, Music, games, E-books, Audiobooks, Magazines

  3. Onboard Services: E-commerce module for food ordering, Surveys, feedback, security, information feed, Social media company profile

  4. Advertising: Multiple advertising positions cross-platform, places for affiliate programs, sections sponsorships

  5. Passenger information system: Display dynamic multimedia-rich information on screens, Possible integration with existing screens, Content configured by playlists, Content controlled by onboard Infotainment platform

  6. Content: Complete content delivery service, Contracts with global content licensors and aggregators, DRM solution approved by major Hollywood studios, Ability to upload own content


What can we do to simplify your life?


As an operator, you will hold in your hands a platform realized to streamline your tasks. You will be working effortlessly in the background while offering the best services to your passengers.


Beyond a user-friendly and straightforward interface, our platform provides insightful modules designed to support your operators and help you generate new business opportunities. 


  1. Content Management System: Our Web-based CMS grants easy access and management over all your contents. It drives your content creation while allowing content campaign, full management of content visibility, aggregated playback reports, and a smart auto-update system.

  2. Fleet Management system: The complete solution to monitor your vehicles remotely. Passengera’s fleet management system offers a real-time vehicle position, operational status to improve safety and reduce any risks, an insight of real-time user usage, as well as the opportunity to monitor specific groups of vehicles. 

  3. Connectivity Management: Having a statistical perspective of your vehicles’ connectivity is fundamental to plan any future strategy. Our connectivity management service produces historical statistics of the vehicles’ position including connectivity details statistics per GPS location. Moreover, the available data display network type, signal strength, transmitted data and much more. 

  4. Advertising Management System: If you are searching for an additional source of revenue for your business, our Advertising Management System can surely satisfy your needs. It is capable of gathering and producing real-time reports on views and clicks, launching contextual based advertising on GPS, time and train connection, synchronizing campaigns on screens and Wi-Fi, offering sponsorships dedicated-sections, and also allowing integration with 3rd party advertising network to empower your marketing strategy. 

  5. Business Analytics: Data analysis may be the key to boost the future of your business development. Our Business Analytics module offers a wide range of data to give you a detailed overview of your passengers preferences and choices. It includes information about users demographic data, users flow on the platform, content preference analysis, it offers integration with 3rd party data, and data export to collect and compare multiple periods.  


What’s next?


Your passengers’ satisfaction is undoubtedly the primary ambition of your business however, it can’t be the only target. As an operator, you will be also facing critical circumstances, while working to embody your brand and offer the best services to your clients. 


This is the time to take a concrete action together. With Passengera infotainment platform onboard, you are going to offer not only a complete service to your passengers but also a user-friendly and innovative solution to simplify your life.


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