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Get your passengers inspired with Passengera’s Next Generation Onboard Travel Guide

Being responsible for your passengers’ safety and satisfaction is remarkable, but being the source of their deep inspiration is something that they will never forget.

You may be traveling for work, leisure or maybe, you are moving toward a fresh start, somewhere in the world. What matters is that any trip is a unique combination of unforgettable experiences. At Passengera, we know that. This is one of the reasons why we keep working hard and we do our best to offer to our clients the most reliable infotainment platform on the market.


Today, you have the chance to get your passengers inspired at anytime and anywhere. Thanks to one of our infotainment module Next Generation Onboard Travel Guide, you’ll be able to offer to your clients an interactive solution that ensures an uncommon travel experience.


Let’s dig a bit deeper


Imagine traveling near the ocean together with your passengers. On your left side, the waves break against the shore. On your right side, you pass by beautiful cities with dozens of points of interests, events, monuments and interesting history.


How would you like offering a customizable travel guide capable of sharing all this information in multiple languages while letting your clients enjoy the quietness of this moment?


While you may believe this is just a beautiful dream, we have developed the travel guide that makes your dreams come true.


How does it work?


Our platform allows your passengers to connect to the Next Generation Travel Guide directly from their own devices to monitor at anytime the trip’s status. 


The on board Wi-Fi makes our travel guide ideal not only for regular travelers but also for occasional tourists who won’t need to get through any installation process on their devices. 


Passengera Infotainment has a responsive design. It displays all contents in the best way and quality on every type of device, ensuring the best experience for your clients.

We gathered some of the most useful features to propose a travel information system that breaks into the Next Gen travel guide.


What you can expect from our solution:


  • Interactive map: All passengers can follow the vehicle’s route from their own device thanks to our integrated GPS module. All map content is stored locally and provides an interactive approach of displaying a bunch of information like POIs, or stations along the route. The map can be zoomed in and zoomed out, providing a complete overview of the area or a more detailed part of it.


  • Real Time Information panel: Provides accurate information about the current connection, speed, altitude, planned arrival time, current estimated delay, weather information, points of interest on the route and stations on the way. Optionally, you can display a detail page of the city or the station, to share with your passengers all useful information about the available services and connections such as next available connections to reach their destination, transport options, bike rental, taxi and much more. 


  • Points of interest: They are displayed along the routes at any time the vehicle enters a predefined area on the map. The POIs appear as popup notifications or can be easily accessed exploring other areas of the system. The passenger can click on the POI and visualize a detailed page with dedicated information and pictures. Additionally, our travel information module includes a unique functionality. Thanks to our Audio Guide, accessible from the detail page of any POIs, your passengers can fully enjoy their experience while listening to all the interesting information in their preferred languages, ensuring a quiet and relaxed environment.   


  • Weather: Offers a real-time and automated weather forecast of any city on the route.


  • Touristic tips: The tips feeding is an integrated and automated process that shares the best tips to ensure your passengers know what to do in the city. The tips can simply be divided by categories (tours, tickets, nightlife, activities) and displayed along with an accurate description and photos. 


  • Custom places: Make sure you can Include additional places to promote customized lists of special locations and services such as commercial partners, restaurants, tips and much more. 


Whatever you do to improve your services may have an actual impact on your business. 


Passengera’s Travel Guide is not simply a way to improve your services, but it is your opportunity to positively affect your company through an interactive platform that ensures significant benefits in terms of time-saving, cost-cutting (you won’t need paper anymore), communication improvement through customizable and automated notifications and much more. 


Make sure that your next step toward a better customer experience passes through innovation and reliability. 


Be the inspiration that any passengers can rely on.


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