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The Bernina Express Web AR Experience: A New Dimension in Railway Exploration

The Bernina Express, a marvel of railway engineering, has long captured the hearts of travelers with its breathtaking journey through the Swiss Alps.

Today, Ateo, in collaboration with Passengera, invites you to experience this iconic train in a revolutionary way through their Web AR application “Live Map”. It represents an add-on to the existing web based infotainment solution so no additional app is required.


A Window to the Swiss Alps – The application presents a meticulously crafted 3D map model based on SwissTopo data, offering users an immersive view of the Bernina Express’s route. This digital window into the Swiss Alps allows for an unparalleled exploration of the terrain the train traverses, all from the comfort of your mobile phone.

Tracking the Train in Real-Time – At the core of this experience is the real-time tracking feature. It enables users to locate the Bernina Express at any moment, providing a sense of connection to the train’s journey as it unfolds. This feature ensures that the virtual experience mirrors the real-world movement of the train, fostering a bond between the user and the journey.

Discovering the Route’s Rich Tapestry – As the virtual train moves along the map, users are treated to a series of interactive highlights. These markers do more than just denote significant locations; they weave the rich tapestry of the Bernina Express’s history and the cultural significance of its surroundings. Each point of interest serves as a chapter in the story of this legendary railway.

Navigating Through Time – The application’s time-travel feature is a testament to its interactivity. With a simple slide, users can journey through the train’s past and future, exploring different segments of its route across time. This not only adds depth to the user experience but also provides a unique educational tool for understanding the train’s operations and schedule.

Weather Forecast Integration – The application takes immersion a step further by integrating a weather forecast feature. Users can select a specific time in the past or future to see the corresponding weather conditions at the location. This dynamic weather system adds a realistic touch to the virtual experience, reflecting the ever-changing nature of the Swiss climate.

An Invitation to Innovation – The Bernina Express Web AR application transcends traditional boundaries, offering a new dimension in railway exploration. It’s an innovative platform that combines education, entertainment, and technology, inviting users to engage with the Bernina Express in ways never before possible. Whether you’re a railway aficionado, a nature lover, or an AR enthusiast, this application is your ticket to an unforgettable adventure in the virtual Swiss Alps.

Join us on this virtual journey and discover the future of railway exploration with the Bernina Express Web AR Experience. 

The application will be available at the start of the summer season (mid-May) of the Bernina Express.