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Product news: Passengera AP+, WiFi 6E Access Point with Integrated Antenna

To enhance connectivity in public transport, we have launched a new hardware innovation: a cutting-edge indoor train antenna with an integrated WiFi 6E access point developed in close cooperation with Antonics Antennen, a leading German manufacturer of antennas for rolling stock.

AP+ redefines the standard of connectivity in public transport while offering operators an easy and cost-effective solution for the modernization of the passengers’ digital experience.


Revolutionizing Connectivity for Public Transport

Passengera's new omni-channel indoor train antenna with the WiFi access point is designed to meet the global rolling stock application standards. Unlike traditional setups, this compact device operates in the basic configuration without the need for RF wiring, ensuring a hassle-free installation while significantly reducing maintenance costs. The aptly named AP+ device delivers secure, high-bandwidth connections to all wireless devices, empowering passengers to access local infotainment platforms and browse the Internet. Seamlessly, directly from their smartphone, laptop or tablet.


The Key Features and Advantages of AP+


1. Easy Installation and Zero Maintenance

The AP+ offers a compact design and eliminates the need for coaxial cabling, translating to zero required maintenance and simplified installation processes. Significant cost reduction helps train operators to reach higher ROI on infrastructure investments and reduce downtime needed. To passengers, the new device provides top-of-the-line connectivity and stable connection throughout the train car.


2. International Collaboration for Enhanced Performance

Passengera collaborated closely with Antonics Antennen, a leading innovator in rail vehicle antenna technologies, to guarantee maximum bandwidth, reliability, and security in dense environments. This collaboration resulted in the development of the AP+, a wireless access point integrated with OmProLink's omnidirectional indoor antenna, offering unprecedented wireless coverage for both passengers and staff.


3. Integrated Design for Enhanced Functionality

AP+ features up to 8×8 MIMO dual-band WiFi 6E radios on planar antennas. The absence of RF cabling between the antenna and radio reduces signal losses and overall costs. Moreover, the AP+ includes two 2.5Gbps Ethernet ports, enabling seamless connections between multiple AP+ devices and reducing the cost of network infrastructure.


4. Global Certification and Centralized Management

Meeting global railway standards, the AP+ can be deployed in any country and location, ensuring seamless connectivity for passengers worldwide. The device's firmware is also integrated with Passengera's ConnectWare OS, facilitating zero-touch provisioning, easy deployment, and centralized management. The AP+ is automatically provisioned to the Passengera's Monitoring and Management Suite (MMS), allowing for real-time monitoring and in-depth metric analyses.


Enhancing Digital Experiences Onboard

In the words of Passengera's CEO Jan Kolář, digital services onboard public transport give operators a significant competitive advantage worldwide. “The AP+ integrates seamlessly into Passengera's modular solution for digital experiences, making it a cost-effective investment into the infrastructure. Its ability to extend connectivity through external antennas ensures unparalleled wireless coverage, enhancing the overall passenger experience.”


With this innovative WiFi access point, we continue to push the boundaries of transport connectivity, steaming into the new era of seamless, high-speed internet access for passengers and operators alike. As public transport becomes digitalized and interconnected, our technology will play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape for the mobility of the future.