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Passengera supports fixed screens

At Passengera, we constantly seek new ways to improve our product according to our clients’ needs. This brings innovation and evolution of our sevices. One of our latest improvements is an option to run Passengera on fixed screens.


Apart from passengers’ own devices, Passengera now fully supports onboard fixed screens or generally any digital media signage system further broadening the usability of the Passengera solution.


This is now an integrated part of our infotainment solution enabling operators to exploit additional benefits such as onboard advertising, route, schedule and delay information, current speed and/or altitude, security and emergency announcements, self promotion and more. When using fixed screens,  the information part of the onboard portal becomes even more easily accessible for passengers as there is no need for them to connect to WiFi on their own devices.


Whether or not you have fixed screens on board of your vehicles, get in touch with us to discuss how Passengera onboard infotainment can help you attract and keep passengers and increase their satisfaction. Find out more at