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Passengera Q1 2017 overview of end users’ device types

One of the great features of Passengera solution is collecting data about passengers and their use of the portal. This brings valuable information to transport operators helping them to better communicate with their customers and we are able to develop and adjust our service to match the changing needs of passengers to keep them satisfied.


Let’s have a look at some figures from Q1 2017: 


Most people (88%) traveling on board buses access our portal from their smartphones, 6% use tablets and the same amount of people use laptops. Share of used devices is different when it comes to trains. The biggest difference here is the share of laptops reaching 21% taking share from smartphones (72%). Tablets’ share staying almost the same as in case of buses (7%).


Whether passengers use smartphones, tablets or laptops, Passengera infotainment is optimized for all of them. In addition, there is an option for Passengera portal to run on fixed screens.


Find more information about our services at and feel free to contact us to see how Passengera can help raise the level of your onboard services.