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Passengera Powers Progress: Bringing Seamless Connectivity and Operational Efficiency to Polish Railways

We're excited to announce another successful collaboration with PKP Group, specifically PKP Remtrak, the backbone of passenger rail travel in Poland.

We set ourselves a commitment of helping PKP with digitalization and being active on the Polish market several years back already. Following similar projects in the Central and Eastern Europe region, we've equipped 60 modernized wagons with our Passenger G7 multi-service gateway, delivering high-speed internet access for passengers and secure data synchronization for effective operations. The delivered solution meets high standards of PKP including the option to run onboard infotainment in the future.

This project marks a significant step forward for passenger experience and operational efficiency in Polish rail travel. Here's how:

Passengers on the Move, Always Connected:

  • Blazing-fast internet: Our G7 solution provides reliable, high-speed Wi-Fi, keeping passengers connected throughout their journeys. Imagine staying productive, streaming entertainment, or simply staying in touch with loved ones – all while seamlessly gliding across the Polish countryside. In addition, easy authentication is available with Google and Facebook accounts. Thanks to that, the operator gets passenger information. 

  • Guaranteed minimum speeds: The project required guaranteed bandwidth for every Wi-Fi user. We designed a solution to ensure consistent, minimum speeds for every passenger.

Optimizing Operations Behind the Scenes:

  • Secure data synchronization: When trains return to the depot, the operational data from other systems such as CCTV, PIS, PAS, diagnostics etc. get synchronized securely to a wayside system. That way, we help to keep the mobile data costs low.

  • Reliable and future-proof: The G7 base gateway, equipped with four LTE-A modems and a SIM multiplexor, ensures a robust and reliable connection. Passengera G7 represents a central point for providing connectivity for other onboard systems such as CCTV, PIS and others. It securely separates data of passengers using Wi-Fi from operational data which are sent through a dedicated, secured line. This way, PKP has access to their systems’ with real time data.

This project marks our another successful collaboration with PKP (like the project ED74), and we're thrilled to be part of their journey towards a more connected and efficient rail network with other ongoing projects. We believe that reliable internet access and engaging passenger services are not just amenities, but essential tools for enhancing the travel experience for both passengers and operators.

Looking ahead, we're committed to working with forward-thinking clients to revolutionize the way people travel and experience public transportation. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to connect passengers and empower operators across the globe!