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Passengera Onboard Virtual Assistant

On Tuesday, 6th March at IT Trans 2018, Passengera has officially introduced its strategic direction how Passengera platform help transport operators to deliver onboard passengers' services in the future.

An AI powered Passengera Onboard Virtual Assistant, as an extension of Passengera Infotainment platform, has been successfully launched during a live, public demonstration. By implementing self-learning artificial intelligence into our infotainment platform, our clients get to use key benefits such as less need of human support services, immediate delivery of real time information to passengers based on context, enhanced passengers’ security, personalized recommendation of available services to passengers, collecting and processing third parties information via API in real time and more. 

Passengers can chat with the Assistant, ask questions related to real time information, schedule, onboard services, Infotainment content or ask whatever they want. Passengera Assistant provides them with answers, recommendation and tips. As a benefit for transport operators, they get a new sales and communication tool with passengers. Passengera has proven again its innovative approach in delivering onboard services having worldwide first AI powered virtual assistant integrated into an Infotainment platform.


In a short interview, Passengera CEO Jan Kolar is speaking about the key features and benefits of having an AI powered digital assistant on board. See below.