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Passengera introduced its Infotainment platform on Railways Interior Expo 2015

In November 2015, Railways Interior Expo took place in Prague for its very first time.

In the mixture of many different railways technologies, Passengera exhibit with its partner Icomera, Swedish mobile connectivity experts, and presented its unique all-in-one solution for transport provider, based on Icomera X6 platform. This solution provides mobile connectivity over multiple networks, passenger Wi-Fi and Infotainment system on one box.

Passengera first time introduced its revolutionary Passengera infotainment platform that could be provided as SaaS (Solution as a Service) for monthly fee, with huge success. During the market update presentation sessions, Jan Kolar, Passengera CEO, presented Passengera experience with Infotainment systems on case study with their Czech Railways customer and discuss about vision of Infotainment systems in future. The presentation could be found on this link