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Passengera in the top 20 most promising transport management solution providers in 2019

CIO Review magazine has recently nominated Passengera as one of the 20 most promising transport management solution providers in 2019.

This represents an amazing achievement and milestone along the way towards continuous development and growth. Since the establishment in 2015, expertise and a future-oriented mindset have ensured unceasing development to perfect the best transport management solutions on the market. 


We believe in the potential of the digital transformation that has already initiated a new innovative era for the transportation industry. Following our deepest values, we have committed to playing our part in optimizing the way transport operators and passengers perceive and live the transport industry. 


Passengera recognizes the daily difficulties that transport operators face while trying to provide and optimize their service to passengers. This deep knowledge has led over the last few years around the world, providing solutions to several customers. Passengera’s strategy looks at the core business and it seeks expansion worldwide thanks to valuable partners in Latin America, Europe, Africa, Northern US, and the Middle East.


In summer 2017, Flixbus CZ has successfully equipped its fleet with Passengera solutions, integrating Premium Wi-Fi onboard connectivity, integrated infotainment platform, and Internet-access-as-a-service. Within a few months, Flixbus CZ reported an astonishing result: a 29% increase in customer satisfaction. 


In 2016, Passengera worked in cooperation with Rhaetian Railway to successfully deploy its passenger information system including interactive travel guide, internet connectivity solution and a wide range of multimedia contents, in Bernina Express along the Unesco World Cultural Heritage route in Switzerland.  


That’s not all. Passengera has also deployed its Passengers’ Data Analytics solution to the Rhaetian Railway allowing the Swiss transport company, which owns the largest network of all private railway operators, to learn more about their passengers’ behavior to optimize strategies and provide tailor-made services. 


Passengera is currently working worldwide on several new projects and customers to deploy its solutions and make a significant contribution to the digitalization of the transportation industry. 


What is it that makes Passengera unique?


The all-in-one modular solution makes Passengera the leading innovation provider. Offering end-to-end and tailor-made integration services, Passengera has constantly supplied flexible and customizable solutions proving an extensive capability to fully meet any transport operators’ needs. 


“Tomorrow, when autonomous vehicles rule the industry, one platform would still be there to assist the passengers when they enter a self-drive car or bus, and it would enable them to navigate efficiently. That platform would be Passengera; this is where we are heading.”


Jan Kolář, CEO at Passengera, on CIO Review

Led by an innovation-oriented mindset, Passengera believes that the future of transportation goes through AI and full automation. Its Innovative Fleet management and AI-powered digital travel assistant have been incrementing the range of solutions that look at the future of transport automation and 360-degree customer care. 

What to expect from the future?


Launch of new products and great news are coming soon. At Passengera, we look forward to including more and more solutions to supply the best services and ensure a brighter future for the transportation industry.