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Passengera bringing Hollywood studios movies on board

We are excited to announce that our digital onboard infotainment platform has been certified to offer (not only) premium Hollywood studios movies and TV shows to our clients. Digital rights management (DRM) has now been fully implemented into Passengera platform as a result of a very strict security audit carried out by the movie license providers.


Passengers appreciate being entertained during their travel and they are more likely to choose and stay loyal to the transport operator offering Hollywood blockbusters onboard their vehicles. Thanks to our DRM equipped platform, we can now offer to our clients the opportunity to further improve the quality of onboard services and raise passengers’ satisfaction rate. Passengera DRM is one of many modules from Passengera platform available to customers. It provides seamless and comfortable user experience with adaptive streaming to end users’ devices without the need of permanent Internet connectivity. Yes, we can work fully offline!


Since each client can have a specific target audience, we are flexible in preparing different movie packages in terms of number of movies, TV series, how often they are refreshed, genres or language selection. All that with a 100% legal video-on-demand license from the content providers on the global transportation market. Passengera can also run content management and processing services.


If you would like to see a live demo of our onboard solution, you can stop by at our booth J8 at IT Trans 6–8 March in Karlsruhe, Germany next week, or contact our sales for live demonstration.


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