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Passengera at the World Rail Festival 2019

Amsterdam 3rd-5th of December 2019. The World Rail Festival represents an international event for global rail, bus, and urban transport operators. This year the event celebrates its 9th edition and it keeps gathering international representatives of the travel industry to discuss the digital transformation of the transportation industry, potential growth, achievements and how to develop a brighter future. Passengera’s representatives will be visiting the World Rail Festival.

This year we are glad to share that two of Passengera’s customers will be sharing their experiences with our platform on board at the World Rail Festival. They will be introducing important news and sharing interesting information on their personal experiences as transport operators experts with our solutions. 


Thello is a French passenger railway operator with over 1.1 million travelers every year,  connecting France to Italy. At the World Rail Festival, they will be showing Thello’s approach to infotainment and Wi-Fi connectivity with Passengera, aiming to offer the best travel experiences to their passengers. A successful project that faced technical challenges, supported by high requests from travelers and a fundamental goal: customer satisfaction. 


Thello will illustrate why opting for local content is the right choice to achieve comfort and high-quality visualization, acquire a deep knowledge of customers’ behavior to optimize and adapt the content proposal to passengers’ preferences, and share useful onboard information and commercial content with Passengera modular infotainment platform. Besides, the internet connectivity coverage during the route has been the subject of multiple tests to achieve the best Wi-Fi signal strength and complete absence of interferences during the journey.   


Glacier Express is a Swiss train that offers premium services to passengers with its breathtaking panoramic routes through the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It’s been offering unforgettable experiences for over 125 years. In 2018 Passengera has worked with Glacier Express to install its modular infotainment platform. The project required a tailored-made solution to grant a premium service, which provides passengers with multi language audio-guides and informative video content in addition to location-based highlights. 

Passengera installed the PIS (Passenger Information System) on screens that display dynamic real-time and multimedia-rich information content to passengers. Glacier Express Excellence class coach, where Passengera platform has been installed, has already been awarded.


The solutions have raised the quality of the on board experiences, increased customer satisfaction, and it provides consistently high-quality internet connectivity on board against the challenging conditions of the Swiss mountains. 


The World Rail Festival continues to grow and it attracts an increasing number of professionals from all over the world. Don’t miss the chance to visit the events and listen to our clients’ success stories.