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Passengera at Intel's IoT Ignition Lab in Warsaw

We are proud to announce that Passengera was invited to Intel’s IoT Ignition Lab in Warsaw to present its next gen innovative all-in-one onboard WiFi, information and entertainment solution for transport operators and to discuss development of transportation and alignments with Intel’s new platforms.


Intel’s “Internet of Things” Ignition Labs are changing the way the company works with businesses to develop smart technologies. Innovation comes from anywhere whether it’s a small company or a big company, local or global. Using a rapid development process, Intel is helping companies to explore new applications, gateways, cloud technology and analytics. The idea of the initiative is to efficiently connect the extensive network of research, innovation and product labs with companies, governments and academia to help deliver smart end-to-end solutions throughout different industries. 


“Being part of the industry innovation is one of our priorities. I am glad we have the opportunity to be part of Intel’s innovation process to further improve our product and to share knowledge. This way, we are making sure our clients always get services meeting current high expectations of travelers”, says Jan Kolar, Passengera’s CEO. 


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