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Passenger Information System for Czech Railways

Along with the recent Pendolino trains upgrade, a new Passenger Information System has been implemented as an addition to the current Passengera infotainment solution.


Utilizing Passengera’s support of fixed digital signage screens, passengers now have access to important real time information such as line schedules, next stops, or delays. On the other hand, the operator gets a new communication channel for displaying commercial ads, promotion of own or partners’ services and content. Content is displayed automatically and thanks to the user friendly CMS, customer (transport operator) can easily define what to display, on which connections and when based on GPS and connection type.


GPS integration also provides a real time image of the current location of the vehicle so that passengers can observe their actual position on the map. 


A well set up digital signage can be extremely useful to passengers in several ways to provide the best traveling experience for the customer. Displaying arrival times, emergencies, delays or cancellations, traveling guides or entertainment is simple and efficient and can be tailored to fit various operator’s needs.


Onboard WiFi is just the beginning. Learn more about the benefits of Passengera at or get in touch at