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Learn More About Your Passengers Using Big Data

By providing stable Wi-Fi and entertaining infotainment system on board, operators can learn more about their passengers’ behaviour in return.

That brings them an opportunity to improve their product and meet the needs of the passengers.

Using the collected data in a smart way, our clients can adjust their solutions and quickly meet the needs of their passengers. Passengera allows the clients to learn about the passengers’ preferences for the content and adjust the selection of the provided information and entertainment solutions based on the age, gender, country of origin and so on 

The cost of a precise marketing research and, especially, data collection for it, can be a big number in a budget. However, by collecting and storing data from the onboard digital platform, Passengera provides the clients with this information without any additional costs on top.

The data gathered from the onboard digital platform helps the clients’ marketing team to adjust the advertisement strategy, make it more efficient and create new revenue streams. The possibility to collect feedback from the passengers builds a channel of direct communication and for those who wish to have even more detailed feedback, Passengera provides a special survey module.

This module is customizable to the smallest detail, for example our clients can create a survey regarding a point of interest on the specific route. The answers to the survey can be in the form of the scale or multiple choice and in case the client wants to hear more from the passengers, there’s a text field option for comments available. Everything is made to make sure that the communication channel between the operator and the passenger is effective for both sides.

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