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How to boost passengers’ confidence? Keep them informed.

Nowadays especially, infotainment solutions are much more than entertainment for passengers - they also provide very strong communication channels. Together with other technologies such as PIS, onboard portals or chatbots, transport operators can create a 360 degree passenger care.


It is crucial for transport operators to be able to efficiently communicate with passengers. With the Covid-19 restrictions in place, it is more important than ever to keep passengers informed. With the help of Passengera Business&Communication Platform and its various modules, transport providers can deliver important information quickly and efficiently. 


There are several challenges when it comes to communication both for passengers and the transport operators. For passengers, it can be confusing having so many different sources of information: public transport information channels, passenger information system onboard, information screens at the station, transport operator’s website, travel information apps,… On the other hand, there are challenges for transport operators too as many different information systems work isolated, each having its own management system. 


Having an all-in-one solution helps overcome those challenges and make communication with passengers easy and efficient by interconnecting different sources of information and then delivering it to passengers where and when necessary. 


The connected and informed journey starts long before passengers get onboard. Transport operators can communicate with passengers during the ticket reservation/purchase process as well as during trip planning. When on board, passengers get informed about all safety measures on their own devices by means of notifications, information on infotainment portal as well as on onboard information screens. After passengers have reached their destination and left the vehicle, operators can still keep in touch with them collecting valuable feedback and thanking them for following safety measures.


Keeping passengers informed can be very demanding. Passengera Business&Communication Platform enables transport operators to create efficient digital communication channels saving time and costs.


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