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How Passengera can help improve sustainable transportation with chatbot technology and through reduction of paper materials

We are thrilled to be included in the latest article published on

The popular tech blog, always in the lookout for interesting news in the technology industry, has released a compelling article titled “Sustainable transportation, how technology can help'' to highlight the current power of sustainable transport. 


Passengera has shared a new vision that aims to significantly impact multiple areas of sustainable transport development. These new technologies can support sustainable solutions throughout several global angles: 


  •     Socially: It can make transport more accessible for all people.

  •     Environmentally: new opportunities for a more climate-friendly transport system.

  •     Economically: higher efficiency results in economic growth through cost-cutting and waste-reduction.


The latest and future technology can fully support the development of a much deeper awareness aiming to efficiently drive the transportation industry to a new fully sustainable era.

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