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Flixbus CZ raises passenger satisfaction by 29% with Passengera onboard

Since Flixbus CZ service launch in summer 2017 on domestic bus lines in Czech Republic, Passengera has been selected as a partner for delivering passenger Wi-Fi, Internet connectivity and Infotainment platform as a service. Recently Flixbus CZ fleet was upgraded to the latest Passengera technology to provide even better experience and new services to passengers.


Traveling with Flixbus now brings more fun to passengers and to some of them, it can partially substitute the office. Two LTE antennas on the roof of each green bus paired with a strong dual band Wi-Fi and distributed antenna system provide a first class 4G/LTE internet connection  – the most advanced solution available on Czech bus lines at the moment. 


Integrated Passengera Onboard Infotainment platform provide passengers with the bus actual position on the map, passengers have a free access to latest news, library of movies to watch and games to play so they can relax and have fun on the go much like when on board of an airplane with all content streamed seamlessly into their own mobile phones, tablets or laptops. In addition, passengers have the option to easily leave feedback so Flixbus CZ gets valuable insight into actual issues or concerns that arise during the journey. Flixbus CZ operations benefits from enhanced analytics, fleet management and detailed connectivity statistics providing Flixbus CZ with useful data about passengers and their preferences. Infotainment platform is available in Czech, English and German and the media library is updated continuously.


“Flixbus CZ wants to provide an enhanced traveling experience for everyone, no matter if they need to work or want some fun during travel. With Passengera solution as a service, we offer our passengers the highest quality onboard Wi-Fi, unlimited data for Internet access and an integrated Infotainment platform which give us new communication and business opportunities. “ says Pavel Prouza, managing director of Flixbus CZ


Raising the quality of onboard services and providing the best possible travel experience is essential to keep travelers satisfied so they keep coming back. For many people, high quality onboard internet connection is one of the main factors when deciding which transport operator they will choose. As well as on board services like Infotainment play roles in decision to travel with.


Passenger satisfaction is without any doubt a key factor in evaluating the success of the Operator’s efforts. In case of Flixbus CZ, passengers satisfaction with onboard internet connection has raised by 29% (see the full Flixbus CZ press release here:


Flixbus CZ plan to provide new passenger services on top of Passengera platform soon.