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Czech Railways launched their next generation Infotainment system based on Passengera platform

On 28th of March Czech Railways Pendolino fleet was upgraded to new Infotainment platform.

Previous Infotainment version on Pendolino trains was successfully running since 2012, when on board Wi-Fi with internet connectivity were installed. Since then a lot of movies were watched, thousands of hours music was listened, many game competitions were launched. So it made a good job. The next generation of Czech Railways Infotainment system is based on Passengera platform and enhance again overall traveling experience to the next level. Previous experience for passengers with movies, music, games, e-books, map, etc. were kept, and new features were added like audiobooks, notification system, interactive map with travel guide and points of interests, onboard online ordering system for restaurant coach, etc. 

Czech Railways plan to extend this on board service to their other fleets like RailJets and InterPartner soon this year, where Passengera will provide them single point of central management.

Have a look to the video that showcase how their new Infotainment version looks on this link.