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Cutting-edge connectivity solutions with Passengera onboard

Mobile data management on board is a key factor when traveling, especially cross-borders. Any transport operator wants to provide smart, continuous and high-quality connectivity to the passengers and let them enjoy their long travel while browsing the internet or watching their favorite movies.


What if the movie can’t play smoothly? What if their attempts to open an internet page resulted in a miserable failure due to poor internet connection?


As a result of our expertise and experiences with clients all over the world, we can now offer advanced end-to-end solutions that will make you forget all the troubles that stem from the connectivity onboard your vehicles. 


High-performing hardware solutions:


  • High-quality antennas: installed on the vehicles to ensure strong signal gain also when facing challenging conditions. We have analyzed and tested countless situations to define an optimal placement and number of antennas. 


  • Passengera servers with high-quality modems and WIFI cards in onedevice on board: we offer the best experience using modems that support  the latest LTE-A categories and WIFI standards, powerful enough to serve many clients on board in parallel not only accessing Internet, but also streaming movies at the same time. All this packed into one hardware box, railway certified or bus optimized, with powerful IntelCPUs, and sufficient storage to guarantee excellent multimedia experiences. Already being tested with the latest 5G and WIFI6 standards.


Passengera Smart Connect:


  • Smart modem management with Passengera data traffic optimisation technology enables the usage of multiple SIM cards at the same moment, optimizes the data traffic to get faster connectivity, it ensures high-durability against signal drops to obtain more stability.

  • Effective bandwidth management: Bandwidth throttling and data quote are handled per user basis. All users have access to the same values of speed and data limit, based on system configuration. Passengera solution architecture allows possible future extension to provide different user experience to premium users by adding different quota groups and adding users into that groups based on login or another criteria.

  • Burst technology: ensures more effective bandwidth management. It automatically improves the user experience during Internet browsing and protects the customer data plans against overconsumption from heavy downloading. All of this provides better experiences to users and helps transport operators cut costs and save data. 

  • Geo-Fencing: our solution improves the connectivity experience onboard. It ensures limit data roaming over cross-border journeys through efficient and faster smart switching between mobile operators,  granting non-stop connectivity for a continuous internet experience. 

  • Locally hosted Infotainment content: any time the quality of the internet connection onboard suffers from interruption or low-quality signals, the passengers can keep up with their entertainment thanks to our optional locally hosted infotainment content. 


We recognized that an advanced combination of data saving and regular connectivity is key to developing the perfect result and quench the thirst of any transport operators aiming to achieve excellent customer care.



What do our solutions offer to enhance your travel experience onboard?


  • Stability against any challenging geographical conditions

  • Trustworthy Wi-Fi onboard

  • Effectively manage your data plan

  • Continuous connection for all passengers

  • High-speed also under high data usage

  • Data-saving

  • Cost-cutting

  • Locally hosted Infotainment content


Dozens of passengers take their seats before a long trip. They are ready to ride through countries, borders and inspiring landscapes. They truly feel like the best is yet to come because the transport operators they have chosen among many others, provide the best services on board and makes their travel experience unique. The journey begins. 


Suddenly, it is time to relax and enjoy the moment as the sun rises or sets behind the mountain. A few passengers decide to take advantage of the free Wi-Fi connection on board. They feel like watching a movie or reading their favorite books online. This is the time when any transport operator needs the best out of the mobile data onboard. 


Do not let data limit your travel experience. Be the one who manages the limits according to your passengers’ needs. 


At Passengera, we have learned that limits are real only until you get the knowledge to win them. Let’s take this step forward together. Win the data limits with Passengera connectivity solutions onboard. 


Get in touch today and discover how to optimize your mobile data management and improve the internet connection onboard.